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Established: 1986

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About the Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In July 1986, a group of dog owners met at Warwick Farm, NSW, and established a national club for the little dogs known in Australia as Miniature Fox Terriers, Mini Foxies, Mini Fox Terriers and little foxies. A breed standard was written for the Miniature Fox Terrier. A breed standard is a guide that is used to breed sound dogs of good type - dogs that can perform their natural functions safely and effectively, and breed true to type. A breed standard must be a consistent recipe - if you change the breed standard, or dont breed to the breed standard, changes occur in the dogs. MFCA breeders continue to use the same breed standard. No changes. Just good breeding.

MFCA's classification, grading and registration system also works well and over 20 years has resulted in standardisation of type and improved soundness. It is a strict but fair system, as is the MFCA Code of Ethics which has a strong animal welfare basis. We believe that the show ring cannot be a totally effective adjudicator of a breed because not all breeding dogs are exhibited. Soundness must be achieved and maintained at breeder/club level and the MFCA system monitors and achieves that aim.

Don't take risks when buying a puppy - you will have it for the next 15 years or so. Buy your Mini Foxie puppy from MFCA registered breeders who can show you the parents and the MFCA papers. When reading advertisements always look for "MFCA registered" - if a breeder is not registered with MFCA then the pups they are selling may not be purebred Mini Foxies.

Come along to MFCA shows and meet some of the registered breeders. Mini Foxie dog shows are fun, well attended, and winners are well rewarded. Judges often comment on the consistently good quality of the exhibited dogs. The popularity of Mini Foxies is legendary and they remain a treasured part of Australian history and culture. People overseas are now also enjoying good quality Australian bred Mini Foxies.

Dont take risks when buying a puppy, you will have it for the next 15 years or so. When looking at advertisements always look for "MFCA registered" - if a breeder is not registered with MFCA then the pups they are selling may not be purebred Mini Foxies.

If you want a good quality, easy care, intelligent small purebred dog to share your life and bring you a few laughs, we are happy to assist you find your Mini Foxie pup. There is a waiting list for female pups. Sometimes young desexed Mini Foxies are available and they make fantastic pets. Send an email to:

If you dont want another dog in your life but would like to be an MFCA sponsor, just send an email to:

If you want to advertise in our publications to members, send an email to:

The MFCA studbook is not closed and we know there are many unregistered Mini Foxies of good type in the community. If you would like to know if your Mini Foxie qualifies for the MFCA Registry, send an email to:


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At MFCA Dog Shows you will find:

~ Conformation Events for MFCA registered dogs

~ Child Handler Events

~ Specialty Events (Natural Bobtails, Best Headed, Best Marked, etc)

~ Novelty events

~ A friendly atmosphere

~ Beautiful dogs

MFCA Information Days are always popular - send an email to if you are organising a community event and would like MFCA to participate.

MFCA member benefits include subsidised advertising, breeder assistance, newsletters, online communication, access to education, family friendly fees.


Breeds: Other: Mini Foxie,

Memberships: The Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc is an independent dog registry and is not affiliated with any other organisation.

Incorporated with the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

Note to Owners:
The NSW Government now registers Miniature Fox Terriers and Mini Foxies in their own right on the NSW Companion Animal Act Registry. Your Mini Foxie's CAA Certificate can now be updated with the correct information by your local council. For further info, please email:

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Contact Details

Contact: The MFCA Info Team is here to help!

Address: The national club for Mini Foxie owners
in all Australian states and overseas
New South Wales


Email: contact  Click to email this club.

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