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It is always best to buy your puppy from a Registered Breeder. That way you can view the parents and you know that you are getting a good quality, healthy puppy. You are going to spend a considerable amount of money on your purchase, care, feeding and upbringing of your new friend, so you want to be sure you are going to get the best information and back up help from your breeder.Check with your local Dalmatian Association, or the Canine Control Council in your area for registered breeders.

Dalmatian puppy's are born without their spots and are deaf. They get their spots and start to hear at about 2 weeks of age. Sometimes they are born with a black ear or a black spot on their face, this is known as a patch. A puppy that is going to be well marked will be born with a black colored nose. (or in the case of liver spot, liver colored).

It is best to view your new puppy at about 6 weeks of age or more, so you can be sure he has been tested for deafness, and you will be able to see what his spotting is going to be like. Check for a solid black color or liver color nose and complete eye rims if you are going to show your puppy.

Dalmatian colors are, PURE WHITE with black or liver spotting, or sometimes tricolored.

Before taking your puppy home, make sure that he has his worming up to date and his shots and get a vet certificate with information for future shots and when they are due. Make sure also that you get his registeration papers. Very important if you are going to show or breed your dog.


Preparations for taking your puppy home
You will need to buy the following

  • Collar and lead
  • Non tip water and feeding bowls
  • Toys for him to chew on
  • Bedding
  • Worming tablets and heart worm tablets. Ask your Vet what regular treatments are required.
  • Flea control. Again ask your Vet for the best product for your area.

Ask your Breeder what he has been eating. and if you wish to change the diet, mix some of his regular food with the new diet for a few days to avoid him getting a tummy ache.

First Nights
A large basket is needed as your puppy will grow very quickly. If you fill the basket with a blanket and some stuffed toys, he will think he still has his litter mates, will be warm and not so lonely.

If he cries at night, an alarm clock and a hot water bottle wrapped securely in a towel will help to settle him. The ticking of the alarm clock will simulate his mother's heartbeat, and of course the hot water bottle for warmth. Some people prefer a wheatpak to a hot water bottle as it is safer if he chews it. You can make your own, by sewing a tea towel in half and filling it with rice or wheat. Not too full, and then securely sewing the end of the tea towel. These paks can be heated in the microwave oven with a glass of water. NOT TOO HOT OR YOU WILL BURN PUPPY.

You will need to take his blanket with you when you pick him up from the Breeder. It is a good idea to rub the blanket over the mother to get her scent on it and this will help him feel less lonely.

Best of luck and we wish you many happy years with your new friend.

Judy Bevin
Laudesan Dalmatians

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OzPetShop - Pet Products, Supplies and Accessories