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Schnauzer (Giant)
Germany has been prolific in developing some of the most attractive and efficient canine breeds and among them is the Schnauzer, one of the few breeds which comes with a size range to suit - from small up to giant, although all three sizes are recognised as separate and distinct breeds.

The Standard Schnauzer is the middle sized dog with an ideal height of 48.2cm. It was a popular household companion as far back as the fifteenth century and appears in many paintings of that era. In the market place in Mechlinburg, Germany, there is a statue of a hunter dating from the fourteenth century which depicts a Schnauzer crouching at his feet.

The principal vocation of the Schnauzer was as a rat catcher, yard dog and guard and before World War 1 the dogs were used to guard the carts of farm produce in the market places. Known by their owners as "dogs with human brains" they were known for their sagacity and fearlessness. During WW1 they were used by the German army as dispatch carriers and Red Cross aides.

All Schnauzers had their origins in the neighbouring kingdoms of Wurttemberg and Bavaria and there is little doubt that the Bavarian cattlemen admired the medium sized Schnauzer but required a larger dog to work with their cattle, so they set about producing their ideal with crosses to drovers dogs, rough haired sheepdogs and Great Danes to produce a dog with a height of 70cms. The Giant Schnauzer was practically unknown outside Bavaria until the end of the first decade of this century and although cattle driving was a thing of the past, the breed was used as a guard at the breweries.

It was not until just before WW1 that the Giant Schnauzer came to attention as a suitable dog for police training and he proved such an intelligent student that police work has been his main occupation in his native country since that time.

Schnauzer (Miniature)
The Miniature Schnauzer is thought to have been developed from crosses of the Schnauzer with Affenpinschers and Poodles and was recognised as a distinct breed as early as 1899. His height is 35.6cms. The Miniature Schnauzer is now primarily a charming and attractive companion.

The general appearance of the Schnauzer, in all sizes, is of a stylish, squarely built dog, sturdy and alert, with a stiff wiry coat and bristling eyebrows and whiskers. The coat colour is salt and pepper (grey) or black, with the miniature being allowed an additional colour of black and silver.

All three breeds are reliable and intelligent and devoted to home and family.

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