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Yetholme Make Mine Mink

Yorkies are the greatest! A dog for all reasons.

There is no other breed as far as I am concerned!! And once you've been owned by one….or two…or more Yorkies, you would consider nothing else.

The Yorkie is a young breed as far as genetics are concerned. It was in 1865 that the dog attributed as the "father of the breed" was born, in Yorkshire, England. That dog was HUDDERSFIELD BEN. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast evidence as to who or what his forebears were, but different theories have been put forward regarding the combinations of breeds that made up the ancestry, such as the Clydesdale or Paisley Terrier, the Black and Tan English Toy Terrier and even the Maltese. Anyway, no matter the ancestry. Over the years, the Yorkie has developed into the bright, happy, fun-loving little dog that we know today.

The Yorkie closely resembles the Australian Silky Terrier. In fact, you could say the Yorkie is the "grandfather" of the Silky as it was from the Yorkie that the Silky originated. The Yorkie, however, is generally smaller and not as boisterous as the Silky.

Yetholme Autumn Tryst
The Breed Standard says the Yorkie may weigh up to seven pounds in weight (just a bit over 3.3 kg). Some are bigger than that, and many are smaller. There is no minimum size or weight. The coat can grow very long. For show purposes, the ideal colour is dark steel blue on the body, and with three shades of golden tan on the head and chest. Very attractive. The hair should be as fine and glossy as silk
One particularly good attribute of the Yorkie is that the hair is non-allergenic to humans and therefore a great companion for people with asthma, etc.

If keeping a Yorkie as a companion, it is probably a good idea to trim the coat to the length that can be looked after the best. Many people find the grooming to be therapeutic and soothing. A bath once a week and a few minutes grooming each and every day is much better than leaving it and allowing it to become dirty and matted. It's best to get the Yorkie used to lying on its back so that special care can be paid to ticklish areas such as under the arms, the tummy, and between the legs. Ears should be kept clean and free of long hair in the ear canals. Any discharge from the eyes should be carefully removed from the face. By feeding good raw bones, the Yorkies teeth will be preserved which will in turn contribute towards a long life. Bad teeth can cause premature health problems and death.

Yorkies are a house dog. They love to be near their families. If you are not prepared to have a dog live in the house and be a part of all your activities, the Yorkie is not for you.

Being generally a very healthy breed of dog if purchased from reputable breeders, all being well, Yorkies frequently live to 15 or 17 years of age. It will adapt to just about any lifestyle, or schedule, from apartment dwelling to the rough and tumble of country life. They do not tolerate, however, being pulled around by young toddlers. They are protective and alert without being yappy, and will quickly warn of visitors to the house. They are particularly suitable as companions for the not-so-young, as they are easy to lift.

Male versus female? Personally, I think the males make wonderful companions - loyal, devoted, extremely affectionate, even-tempered, and when desexed early in its life, are as clean as you are prepared to teach it to be.

Prefer an older dog perhaps? If you would prefer not to go through the puppy stage, consider an older dog. Quite often, breeders are looking for "forever homes" for perhaps an older dog, male or female. These are definitely well worth considering, and they settle in with a new family and lifestyle without any bother at all.

Yorkies are perfectly compatible with other dog breeds, as well as cats.

Dogs, like anything else, come in varying degrees of quality, so it is essential to do your homework and only purchase from reputable breeders. The purchase of a puppy, or an older dog, is a commitment for the life of that dog and should not be undertaken lightly. Remember, a puppy is for life…..!

Size: 3.3kg

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