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Origin and History
The Swedish Vallhund is very much a working dog that has been used for centuries in Sweden for herding cattle as well as for catching vermin warning of approaching strangers, and general supervision of all farm operations.

The Swedish Vallhund is known in its native Sweden as "Vastgotaspets" which means 'Spitz of the West Goths' or Swensk Vallhund which means Swedish Farm Dog. It has existed in the middle and southern parts of Sweden for over 1000 years although by the 1940's the breed was nearing extinction. The breed was saved by the energetic efforts of two dedicated people who sought out still existing Vallhunds and commenced a development program.

The breed was introduced to England in 1974 where it has continued to flourish. The name Vastgotaspet was considered too difficult for the average English pet owner so the breed became known as the Swedish Vallhund. The breed was established in Australia in 1981.

General Appearance
The Swedish Vallhund is a delightful little dog that is powerful and strongly built. Males range in height from 33 - 35 cm and females 31-33 cm.

Its head is wedge shaped with a strong lower jaw; the eyes are oval shaped and dark brown; the ears sharply pointed, alert and relatively small. The Vallhund's expression is watchful, alert and eager.

The Vallhund's coat is short and somewhat harsh with an abundant soft wooly undercoat. The colour of the outer coat is mainly black to wolf grey with undercoat varying from cream, red, brown, to white. White colouring must never exceed 30%. Vallhunds have attractive face masks with spectacles around their eyes and harness markings on their backs.

They have a natural or docked bobtail and a free and active gait. Vallhunds are always on the move.

Character & Temperament
Swedish Vallhunds are friendly, lively, intelligent, very inquisitive and eager to please. They are ever watchful and ready to join in whatever is going on.

They make ideal family pets as they are easy to train and are with children and other animals. They are natural show-offs that love attention.

Grooming & Care
The Swedish Vallhund has a harsh weatherproof top coat and a short dense undercoat which protects the breed from both heat and cold. It needs minimal care; a good brush occasionally will keep the coat shiny and healthy. Vallhunds have little doggy odour. Vallhunds are as a rule very healthy and long lived.

Because Swedish Vallhunds are intelligent, quick to learn and eager to please they are remarkably adaptable and easily trained. They do well in obedience, agility and tracking and are equally at home in town or country.

Basic training must start at a young age. House rules should be laid down when you first take your puppy home.

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