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Ch.Portora Rabelais
A Brief History
The Schnauzer originated in Southern Germany and can be traced back to the 14th Century and is generally accepted as being the result of inbreeding of the Gray Wolf Spitz, the Wirehaired Pinscher and the black German Poodle.

The Standard Schnauzer was the prototype of the breed, from which the Giants and Miniatures were developed.The Standard Schnauzer,originally a herding dog,was bred also to protect wagons travelling the countryside laden with wares, he was used in World War I as a dispatch carrier and aid for the Red Cross.

The Schnauzer is a powerfully built,robust,sinewy,nearly square dog. His temperament combines high spirits,reliability,strength,endurance and vigour.The Schnauzer is a hardy,tough, one man or one family dog. He likes his human family to be together at all times.He is faithful but stubborn. Although extremely intelligent,he will get bored by repetitive exercises. He is often referred to as "the dog with the human brain".He reserves a special corner in his heart for children.He is a guard dog and will differentiate between your friends and enemies.He is not a fighter, but will give a good account of himself if provoked.

Nelly & Missy
The Schnauzer does not shed its coat, neither does it have a pronounced body odour, two factors which make it an ideal breed for people who suffer allegies.

They come in two colours,pepper and salt, as well as black.

Size: 18" for Females. 19" for Males

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