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A handsome white giant.
One of the most beautiful of all breeds, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog was originally bred to guard flocks of sheep from wolves and bears, and to protect the shepherd. It was also a valued sentry for fortresses and chateaux where its immense strength, around-the-clock vigilance, innate ability to discriminate between friend and foe, and utter fearlessness made him worth its weight in gold. Additionally, troubadours travelling from castle to castle were often accompanied by these magnificent dogs.

Nowadays, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog's main role is as companion and guardian of the home, although in some parts of the world it is till used a protector of flocks. Its splendid white jacket requires regular grooming and tends to shed profusely at certain times of the year.

The Pyrenean combines intelligence with a deep devotion to family and home, and a natural-born instinct to guard and protect. While trustworthy, affectionate, gentle and tractable with its own family, it does not welcome intruders into its territory. It also tends to be a barker, especially at night.

The Pyrenean is large and must be confined in a well fenced area or it will exercise its powerful instinct to establish and patrol a large territory. When out of the fence it should be kept on lead at all times.

An adult Pyrenean is placid by nature and calm in the house, enjoying quiet periods in which to rest and sleep but it is a very large breed and is not always suited to life in a small apartment or city area with little yard space and lots of activity around.

Only owners physically able to control such a large breed should consider owning a Pyrenean.

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