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El'Sprite Pharaoh
One of Australia's favourite little dogs for a very long time. "I had a Mini Foxie when I was a child", or "We always kept little Mini Foxies to catch rats on the farm". Mini Foxies, have been featured in many cartoon strips almost always as a childhood companion.

Bred down from the larger fox terrier last century, there was no club until 1986 when the Miniature Fox Terrier Club of Australia was formed. This club is now called the Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc. We continue to breed small, fine boned Mini Foxies to the original breed standard and only dogs which meet this standard are admitted to the club's Breed Register. Owners of any dogs which don't meet the breed standard are advised not to breed from such dog.

El'SPrite Pixie
While Mini Foxies are not a recognised breed, that is not important to many dog owners as most people want the dog to be a family pet only. The majority of owners are not interested in breeding or showing their dogs in ANKC shows.

Few health problems: Luxating patella (joint problem which affects small dogs), incorrect bite - we advise desexing of affected dogs.

Colours: black and white, black/white/tan, tan/white.

Mini Foxies are smooth coated with good head colour and predominantly white bodies. Dark eyes. Small oval feet. Very hardy dog and tremendously loyal to owners. Please email us for a copy of full breed standard and photos.

The Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc. is a responsible independent dog club which holds Mini Foxie shows, maintains the Mini Foxie Breed Register, produces a quarterly newsletter and has excellent communication with its many members. The club has always had a very democratic ethos and member participation is vital and lively.

Size: 9.5" to 12" (24cm to 30.5cm)

Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc.

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