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Summarised below, are some details on what makes a Dogue de Bordeaux. But what they don't tell you in standards and classifications, is the very special personality that usually accompanies this magnificent dog.

We lovingly call our dogues such pet names as Baby Boy, Big Bear and Sweetie Girl. You can't help but cuddle them and hold their beautiful squishy faces. Talk silly to them and they turn themselves inside out trying to be cute and playful. Give them a squeaky toy and they will walk around the house chomping it in their mouth making as much noise as they can.

They seem to crave human attention, preferring to be inside with you on the couch rather than outside with other dogs. We feel that if the Dogue is kept outside permanently, without human companionship, you won't see the true nature of their personality. Instead, the dogue may be withdrawn and appear sad. At the very least, the company of another dog should be considered if you are unable to devote most of your day to them.

The Dogue's history is believed to predate the Bullmastiff and the Bulldog. It is said that the Dogue can be found in the background of the Bullmastiff, and other claim the the Dogue and the Bullmastiff breeds were both being accomplished at the same time. Some believe that the Bulldog is the building block of the Dogue, and again, another group believes that the Bulldog was used in the breeding programs further down the line. Another theory, is that it originates from the Tibetan Mastiff.

We do know the Dogue de Bordeaux was used as a guardian, a hunter, and a fighter. They were trained to bait bulls, bears, and jaguars; hunt boars; heard cattle; and protect the homes, butchershops and vineyards of their masters. The Dogue de Bordeaux were prized as protectors and were often found in the home of the noble and wealthy of France.

In 1986 the movie Turner and Hooch was released, showing a big messy slobbering Dogue de Bordeaux, which is how many people recognise the breed even today. The dogue does not drool as excessively as depicted in the film, this effect was achieved using egg white.

The Dogue is part of the Molosser group of breeds. The FCI standard is quoted as saying:

Typical concave lined brachycephalic mollossoid [short-headed Mastiff type]. The Dogue de Bordeaux is a very powerful dog, with a very muscular body yet retaining a harmonious general outline. He is built rather close to the ground, the distance sternum to ground being slightly less than the depth of the chest. Stocky, athletic, imposing, he has a very dissuasive aspect.

Most males average around 60-65kg when mature, but can reach 70kg or more, females less.

The Dogue comes in varying shades of red, ranging from the lighter fawn colour (Isabella) to dark mahogany red. White is accepted on the chest and feet, however, any other occurance of white such as on the face or continuing up the legs, is considered a fault. Breeders recognize the red, black, and no mask varieties.

The FCI standard is quoted as saying:
An ancient fighting dog, the Dogue de Bordeaux is gifted for guarding, which he assumes with vigilance and great courage, but without aggressiveness. A good companion, very attached to his master and very affectionate. Calm, balanced with a high stimulus threshold. The male normally has a dominant character.
The Dogue is sweet and even tempered, it protects what is theirs, including their owners. They have a high tolerance threshold so it can take alot to make a dogue annoyed or angry. The Dogue is devoted to its family and friends. They can be stubborn, and arrogant, yet once they learn a command or task, they rarely forget it. They often possess a dominant nature. We must always remember the Dogue's original purpose was to fight and protect. It is very important to socialize the Dogue in its early stages of life. They have a keen sense of smell and hearing and are intelligent and balanced. They are also a product of their environment.

Size: Males 25-27 in / Females 24 - 26 inches
Price: $1,500 - $2,500 pet/show

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