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Cosmo (Ch Jencol Playing With Fire) a Sable dog
The Collie Smooth like the better known Collie Rough is a Sheepdog from Scotland, a Smooth is a Collie just the same as the Rough however it does not have the coat. A Smooth Collie is often referred to as the easy care Collie. So if grooming is not your scene, this may be the Collie for you.

All the comments that go with a Rough apply to the Smooth, however many people report that there Smooth is more outgoing and energetic than a Rough, they may also be more mischievous.

Tinsel (Ch Carluke Tinseltown Tart) a Blue merle bitch
Even though they don't carry the coat a Smooth still needs a weekly grooming, this helps keep there skin clean and is bonding time between you and your dog.

Because they are not as popular as the Rough finding a puppy can take a bit more time, however your patience will be rewarded. Again make sure of the puppies parents temperaments and ask if they have been checked for CEA (Collie eye anomaly).

Wrinkles (Ch Carluke Black Prince) a Tricolour dog

A Smooth comes in three colours Sable (lassie colour), Tricolour (black, white and tan) and Blue merle (silvery blue marbled with black).

Size: bitches 20-22 inches, dogs 22-24

Carluke Collies

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