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The Rottweiler is a slow maturing animal and you need to keep your puppy slim during its growth stages. Look for the slight indentation behind the ribs - this is the waistline. The ribs should be easily felt under the skin if the dog is in correct condition and the waistline should be present. Individuals vary in their requirements - if your Rottweiler is leaving food, you are feeding too much.


Rules for feeding

  • Clean fresh water available at all times.
  • Use clean feeding bowls
  • Feed at regular times and in the same place if possible.
  • Never feed the dog from the table.
  • Sudden changes in diet may upset your dog.
  • Supplements are not usually necessary unless the diet is lacking.

Dry Food
Any complete puppy chow is suitable.

Should only be 20% of your dog's diet. Suitable meats are lamb, chicken, ox cheek, beef, kangaroo. However if you are using a complete meat diet (not recommended) you will need to add Calcium to balance the Calcium /Potassium levels.

Calcium is only necessary if you are feeding an all meat diet. Balance the meat with 2 teaspoons of calcium with each 500 gram of meat.

Tin Food
Such as Pal Puppy Food. Like Puppy Chow, this is a complete food and has all the nourishment a growing animal needs.

Suitable bones to chew are marrow and brisket bones, never give cooked bones these can splinter and pierce the dog's stomach.

You may wish to add fresh or cooked vegetables, rice, oatmeal, garlic and fruit.

Much research has been done on canine nutrition over the years with many varying opinions being held on the correct way to feed your dog. The information on this page is to be used as a guide only, many Breeders will have specific requirements when it comes to the diet they wish their puppies to have.

Suggested Diet

8 WEEKSThree meals a day plus a bone or hard biscuit to chew. (Always check with the Breeder to determine what the puppies diet was pre 8 weeks of age.)
Breakfast : Oatmeal porridge with two tablespoons of milk. (Powdered milk may prevent loose motions) OR Slice of wholegrain bread, honey or vegemite, plus a cup or milk, OR Half a cup of puppy dry food and milk to drink.
Lunch : Half a cup of stew - made of mutton, vegetables and pasta. OR Half a cup of puppy pal (from tin) plus biscuit to chew.
Dinner :Half a cup of dry puppy food plus a quarter tin puppy pal. Finely chopped parsley and grated carrot. Brisket bone to chew.
 Yoghurt or cottage cheese can be used instead of milk.
10 WEEKSDouble quantities previously given
16 WEEKSFeed three meals a day while keeping the waistline. (indentation behind the ribs).
6 MONTHSChange to feeding twice per day, slightly larger amounts at each meal time.
12 MONTHS Fast growing period is over. Change over to Adult dry food.

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Rottweiler Hotline : 03 9690 9955

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