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Sporting and Race Days are run by the Jack Russell Terrier Club of NSW inc. and are open to all Jack Russells within the breed standard of 10-12 inches or 25-30cm, we also cater for the taller Parson Russell, future days for 2001 are June 10, July 22, September 9 and November11 those interested may come along on the day and register to race your dogs, the day starts at 10am but you ned to be there by 9.30 to register and for the dog to be fitted with a race muzzle, which can be either bought outright for $27.00, or hired on the day, at a fee of $7.00 hire and 20.00 dep refundable at the finish of the day.

The day consists of a 100 metre straight race, a 100 metre hurdle race and approx 200 metre race through the paddock called coursing, the dogs and their owners positivily love these great days, there are ribbons on the day for 1st,2nd and 3rd place getters, and we have preliminary races and finals for all dogs, within their respective placeings, there is also a point score system for overall points within the year and a presentation day is held at the final race day of the year, also each race day there is top pointscore dog of the day a trophy is presented at the following field day. End of year trophies are only available to those who hold membership to the club, though anyone is welcome to race their Jack Russells.

Canine Complex, Luddenham Road, Erskine Park (Sydney NSW) off Mamre Road. take the road to the right and follow to the very back paddock where there is a club house

Start Time:
10 am though if you wish to race your dog please be there by 9.30 am better if earlier to register your dog to be able to race and to be fitted with a muzzle.

Further Information

  If you wish any further information please feel free to email me.

Sandra Cartwright
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